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Hospital Porters place in danger doing their work

Diepkloof Soweto
Rapule Moiloa

Talking to someone close to me about the work that he does, his position at work

 (1) He works at a certain hospital that I cannot name plus the area the person is a porter and the dangers that porters face daily as much as nurses and Dr’s,

 (2) he said that he is scared and many people forget that people who works as porters are also in the front and exposed to the virus for they are the ones receiving patients regardless of their sickness,

 (3) Work environment has changed tremendously due to Covid 19 because before they would receive patients without thinking about their situation or the case but now all that has changed as the working conditions changed,

 (4) Protective gear is given to them but he said they not safe because wheel chairs and stretchers are not disinfected however they are there working the second group of people after paramedics,

(5) He said that there’s a place called short stay wards at the hospitals were people who tested positive are kept and soon a number of wards will be closed for public but be used for the people who are infected by the virus, what is said is nurses are afraid to move the same patients to where they supposed to go instead they will wait to see if there’s one of the porters coming at casualty so that the patient can be moved to a short stay room,

(6) It was better to receive someone who was either mugged of maybe involved in an accident.