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I give my neighbours morogo, (green veg) from my garden

27 May 2020
Ikemeleng – Kroondal
Phindile Ngobeni

Yesterday Mme Thandi and Thembeka asked me to give them morog, (green veg) from my garden. Today I woke up and prepared two big bunches of morogo for them.

I have garden in my yard but it is not big and I like to help those are in need of morogo since while people don’t have money to buy it. Yes sometimes I also sell it since while I’m also not working. I sell it each and after three weeks as long as I put enough water it grows faster and I can eat, share and sell from this small garden.

I have group of women and we have plans for gardening but problem is we don’t have enough space and no one can give us land. We are planning to talk to Tirelong School principal to give us space and have big garden that can help school kids since they eat at school also for other people in community. We will go to Spar in Kroondal ask for seeds of different vegetables.