Tunatazama - Community Monitors

I visited an office where people apply for food parcels

27 May 2020
Ikemeleng kroondal
Phindile Ngobeni

Today around 14h34 I visited Mme Siboza, I was busy grossing Tinga dreadlocks and one lady came to call Mme Thandi to go and apply for food parcels. I went with Mme Thandi,Tinga and Thabang. When we arrived there we found 6 community members most were people from Mozambique. I greet the lady who was assisting with application for Ikemeleng community. I asked her who qualifies to apply for food parcels, she said only unemployed and those not receiving social grants. I asked where she from she told me from Tlhabane Social Development offices. She is send by SASSA to register community that can’t get grant and not working but food parcels came from Glencore mine. She also said they didn’t want to include ward leaders due to all corruption.

I asked if community members using passports can apply, she said yes but 85% must be South Africans. She didn’t have sanitizer to use and she didn’t want to touch ID documents from community she asked them to give her names, address, ID number or passport number. Some community members especially old people didn’t even see the passport number because they don’t know where in the passport is found, some don’t how speak Setswana,I started helping them by showing them where to find passport number on their passports and also with language because they speak Tsonga as the lady from social development speak Setswana. She told me only 300 community members will apply for now.