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In 6 months I’ll be eating from my backyard

25 May 2020
Velile Khoza

Covid19 as revealed a lot of our country’s shortfalls and inequality. First few days when cases were reported in South Africa and how those who had the means stock pilled grocery and other items leaving barely nothing for others. There was a picture doing rounds on Facebook of how Marko was wiped out of essential items.

Lockdown was introduced and for me and so many other South Africans who survive by hand to month we saw our way of life being threaten but working toward less spread of the virus is every citizen’s responsibility. Most of the people depended on piece job to survive daily.

I started a vegetable garden and if all goes well in 6 months I’ll be eating from my backyard and share with those less fortunate in my community. No one knows when we will be on the clear of the virus so it’s important to prepare. Good food is good for the soul and health.