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Irregular supply of water in Tsa Sekhukhune

18 June 2020
in Limpopo Under Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality.
By: Tokelo Mahlakoane

During this lockdown water works now and then and Sekutlong is a village that suffer to access water long time ago. Now the Residence received water twice a Month and per house must put Two Tank which it can’t be Enough to last for two week, which means the Residence must go to fetch water from the river called Motse or canal (Foro).

 We tried to contact different offices regarding Water issue but no response.
On 15 June we had a visitor from Media after we realized that the Department of water don’t take us serious and we thought media is a language that Political people understand and something can happen. Some of Residence said “At least if the Local government can make living borehole and put Steel Tanks where everyone can access water, as the Leader of this Nation mentioned Money to help Communities that don’t have access to water So we as Community we cannot depend on that Water Tanks, We want something that can last forever”.

When you check, they are some family that they are only elders and they cannot fetch water from the river nor to take water from the street, which means that family should buy water. The Residence is not safe in this Covid-19 as President said last that we must wash our hands regularly.