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June School reopening

15 June 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

On 08 June 2020 I passed the learners and teachers outside the gate at Mogashoa School. The following day I went to the school to see if there are any problems. Sanitizer was at the gate and the children were given masks. One learner had taken off the mask and when I ask him why he said he is unable to breath. Three teachers were at the gate, checking register and giving masks. That is when I realised that no one was hired to do the covid19 control work.

There had been school reports about the virus in other provinces and if things goes wrong we might end up in level one and with most of the population infected. At Nokometse School, in our village they announced that they are looking for one person to help with the school in this pandemic. Is screening only enough for schools? Today is the 15th of June and it looks as if not all schools have staff employed especially for the control of this pandemic at schools and it is a problem. How will they find out if a student/ teacher is infected since some don’t show symptoms?