Tunatazama - Community Monitors


08 May 2020
Limpopo Province Under Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality
By: Tokelo Mahlakoane

Before so called changes around the Country, our fathers, Mothers and Sisters were getting Social Grant at Royal House and Community Halls .Looking at Magakala side, the queues were controllable. Days of getting of money were short. And by then they were accommodating lot of people per day.

But nowadays after allowing people to get Grant at the Banks and Post offices, it really can’t be controlled, to reach everything you must join the long lines. When we check the situation during this Covid-19 it is very disappointing and we don’t know how we can change it. When we check the lines the social distance is not applied while we were hoping the Government can assist to control the lines especially at Post offices through Home Based Cares. Now life is more difficult than before.