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Lockdown Diary – People lockdown on Good Friday

Thembisile Mbethe VEM

It was a Friday that supposed to be a good Friday April 10th. In normal times in this day you will see people going up and down the streets going to different churches to gather for Easter services. But April 10th 2020 was a very different Good Friday ever because of the lock down that had caused by the pandemic called COVID19.

The streets were quiet, people were in their homes as the lock down regulation state ‘stay home’. I went out to the shop it was quiet and peaceful on the streets but you can hear by the sound of the music that is coming out of the houses that people are in their homes listening to their favourite music.

Passing by I can see the kids popping & out there and there but you can see that it is because of their curiosity as everyone heard that lock down days are being extended from 21- 35 days. I had sensed that people were starting to understand what the importance of lock is down and the meaning of it.