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Lockdown judgement Confuses

03 June 2020
Phokeng Rustenburg
Tumi Mokgatle

The judgement on the lockdown regulations handed down by the High Court recently is confusing to many.

A tuckshop owner asked me this morning if the judgement allows them to operate until 9pm as it was before lockdown again he has his doubt since people died in mass in countries like Italy, China and the USA.

I had to explain that the judgement is suspended for 14 days to allow the government to address issues highlighted. One joined in the conversation and simply said “all this guys know the secret that COVID-19 does not exist, the guy did not wear a mask and seemed to believe his theories as he went on an on about Ramaphosa trying to scam us. *Moses asked so why you refusing kids to go back to school? He paused a little looked at Moses and Me. … he then said ” ga le itsi sepe die ding ya plantiwa. .. Needless to say we blast out we laughter as he took his bread and went about his way.

Moses then lamented that you see what the judgment has done this guy has been wearing the mask each time, now suddenly he thinks he knows everything after the judge decision.

It’s a small interaction but already some seem think government intervention were not warranted.