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More questions than answers.

Emalahleni Mpumalanga
Thembisile “Temshaz” Mbethe

Few hours left before level 3 starting and most of restrictions are being eased. As a nation we have mixed feelings about it as it is being announced that 8 million workers will be going back to work. More questions rising than answers as it is said that the virus curve get strong in cold environments and more reasons to stay home and be warm as well as it is also an influenza season.

 More movement times are permitted as curfew is lifted which means people will be roaming around day-in day-out in this cold weather. Some questions like: Why level 3 is introduced now and so many lifted restrictions? Why letting so many workers back to work in one time? Why schools reopening now? Why churches gatherings allowed now? Why allowing the public transport to operate 24 hours a day? If the virus is that strong in cold environments as they say….why so many lifted restrictions during winter season? Nerves are kicking as level 3 of the lockdown is loading…