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More unemployment leading to more gambling and street gatherings in the community of Motlhabe

27 May 2020
Motlhabe – Moses Kotane
Lentswe Buda

Motlhabe is one of the rural areas which the male youth is so much in love with dice game gambling. Ever since the lockdown the is more gambling than before because everyone is home and bored who wants to play cards for free, in almost each and every game played there is a bet. Males in different ages gather in the street to play Casino, dices and the dice ludo game the whole day sometimes the whole night too.

Women have always played the old famous 5 cards game but since the lockdown it has also worsened because they now play the whole night every day leaving their homes in the evenings and only come back in the morning. The easy money transfer system used by Capitec bank has been a great practice to the 5 cards players as they would have to transfer each other money after losing.
The worry of most people about this is that the increased child grant and the SRD promised grant by the government it won’t be used of great use like buying goods such as food but gambling.