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No social distancing

27 May 2020
Velile Khoza

Social/physical distancing is one the ways we can curb the spread of the covid19 virus as citizens. The distance between is best being 2 metres between two people. There are things one has to do when in a public spaces such as use of sanitizer, wearing a mask and elbow greeting.

Few weeks into the knockdown my community adhered to social distancing after the law enforcement officials were seen in the community. But it’s unfortunate that lately everything is back to not protecting each other from the virus.

This is somehow irresponsible as Rustenburg local municipality has a high number of cases in the North West. I thought after one death was recorded in the North West people would be more careful but unfortunately not. We see children playing soccer on the streets like all is well. Do we need police to respect the rules or act responsibly?