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Not everything is as it seems

27 May 2020
Mfidikoe – Rustenburg
Velile Khoza

I’ve seen a meme doing rounds about kids playing on the streets as normal throughout the lockdown but because the education ministry has announced the reopening of school they suddenly know of coronavirus and their parents saying they will not have their kids as the dove Noah sent.

Well that can be made to be an argument but no one has ever asked questions of why most of the kids are out playing as normal. Some of the kids come from poverty stricken families that even push some of this kids to sell cigarettes on the street or go around hoping for a plate of food.

This also shows the inequality problem of this country. While some kids only have self-made play ball others have the latest PlayStation or high tech gaming laptop and uninterrupted internet access and snacks. So staying home is easy. My point is some things happen due to other problems not only ignorance