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Only 50% of workers called back to work. This has led to conflict in community

Ikemeleng Kroondal
Steven Ramokhula

50% employees reporting for duty due to Covid 19 Pandemic.

Sibanye is one of the powerhouse of the mining industry in Rustenburg.

Upon its arrival in the North West province, it arrived in Kroondal and Ikemeleng was its first mining community. In Kroondal alone, it has four shafts to its name.

Over the years Sibanye has employed people in their shafts and Ikemeleng has been accommodating their employees.

Now with the Covid 19 Pandemic, Sibanye like any other mining industry in the county is forced to work with only 50% of their employees.

That rule did not sit well with those who were not called back to work. They are now threatening to stop those that were called to report for duty. They accusing management with corruption and favouritism. Some of the workers were called to report for duty only to be stopped after few days. It is heard that people are bribing the officials to call them for duty.

The rule has caused division within the employees. It is also reported that all the shop stewards of AMCU were not called to report for duty. I am not sure how true that is, but I am afraid that their members will work under pressure since there is no one to stand for them.

This is where AMCU and the mine management should intervene and investigate the criteria used to call the workers to report for duty. The government should also be in the forefront as its now becoming a political matter.