27 May 2020
Motlhabe village

The grade seven and twelve parents and the community at large, they are worried about the reopening of school, when they are still high rate of COVID-19 in South Africa.

The parents said that Bojanala district is a very high number of cases of Covid-19 in North West province and Rustenburg municipality is leading, seconded by Moses kotane municipality.

So they said that they can’t put the lives of their kids in danger, some grade seven parents said their kids rather repeat grades than losing them with corona virus.

At Motlhabe village all the teachers who teach both primary and secondary schools are from Rustenburg and Mogwase area at Moses Kotane municipality, where numbers of cases of Covid-19 is very high. Parents complain that government never take rural school serious as urban schools, all they do is empty promises. Parents concluded that NO equipment of Covid- 19 protection, NO SCHOOL. Corona is killer.