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Poverty affecting youth badly

Jouberton – Klerkdorp
18 June 2020
Petrus Moshe

This picture herein near Car Freemanville in Klerksdorp is not painting a beautiful picture about this young boys indeed. These boys are always hanging around around on the pretext of seeking for assistance of food, clothes and money. They tend to commit petty crimes such handbags snatching and stealing from grocery store.

The excuse that they misdemeanour of young kids is attributed by not having education, no food and clothing at home. This really shocked me and left a chilling along my spine. I had to take upon this to search for the families. Surprisingly, they stay at Jouberton extension10, but what I pick up was some are child-headed families. The abject poverty which are experiencing are source of the problem which need to be addressed, systems which can provide assistance.