18 June 2020
by Mmabore Mogashoa

There is an allocation of a number of people in public transport but only few follow the COVID-19 rules. Taxis are supposed to take 70% but no, some are not adhering to the rules which may end up increasing the number of infected by the virus. It is now stage 3 but people behave as if there is no virus. Shopping centres are always full because shops and restaurants are open. COVID-19 statistics are also going up in Sekhukhune and because people are not tested there might be more people who have the Corona Virus.

People were sanitised at the gate of the shopping malls, but now there is no one at the shopping centre entrance. People go in and out as they like and most use public transport. On my way to Jane Furse today at GaMoretsele there were police and soldiers on the road to see who is not following the rules. Maybe things will be better. The taxi we used today was better. We were sanitized, everyone had masks on and social distancing was maintained. Thanks to all who follow the rules and we wish that all people will to save us.