27 May 2020
Chaneng – Rustenburg
Ole Motene

RBplats, Royal Bafokeng platinum has several operating shafts in the Macharora community which is comprised of 4 villages.

The company has been on a giving mood. On Saturday the 23rd the company was seen handing over tablets to Maths and Science earners of Charora High School. This comes days after Minister of Education introduced the reopening of schools and phase plan.

The plan sees grade 7 and 12 learners being back in classrooms by June the 1st. The donation by the company will definitely come in handy for those who received the devices as they can now do some online educational catch up, WhatsApp study groups etc. We do hope other companies or the same one will come through for other learners too.

Just when the community thought they were done they came through again for the community in general with regards to funerals. We all read a notice from our RBN councillor Facebook page that the company will donate face masks, sanitizers and gloves to the family that may lose their loved. The family just has to inform community leadership 3 days prior to the burial day and arrangements for them to received assistance with the items will sorted. This will definitely be a great help for those who lost their loved ones.