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School re open

18th June 2020
Happiness Koma
11 may 2020

Our schools in Moshira didn’t have equipment or resources for preventing children from getting infected by this novel coronavirus. Truth solutions spec is the name of an engineering company that helped with resources. The delivered mask, thermometer, is infector class room, face shield musk, sanitizer and foot dispenser

Our daily life is affected by the pandemic

Schools, work places and churches became hot spots for this disease, therefore control measures should be put in place. It may be scary, but life can’t be put on hold.

We made an effort to speak to the School SGB and Principals and found that the only challenge they come across is the availability and budget for safety measures they should use.

The spread of this pandemic is fast and as children are ignorant, thorough check on them and correct equipment is the key.

Which is the reason we came with dis-infecting tunnels, automatically sensing sanitizer dispenser, foot press dispenser, face shield, sanitizers and masks