26 May 2020
Sefikile village-Moses Kotane
Christinah Mogobye

I am not happy with the President’s decision regarding the selling of liquor. I am not against the President or even the selling of alcohol but this is the most critical time that we are facing and this might take us back to square one.

The spread of corona virus might increase as other companies who have been on lockdown would be resuming their duties and for villages close to the mine like us are on high risk. To think that the people would be purchasing alcohol and it brings people closer. Although it was said that no more gatherings, people would buy and gather at their friends’ places indoors like they have been doing behind closed doors with this illegal alcohol selling and cops are focusing on people who roam the streets and other gatherings, what about indoor gathering? Very risky!

I am pleading to anyone who supports the selling of alcohol to think deeply about this and be responsible. I see how people are excited about this alcohol selling issue but what about their own safety and health? Our lives are in a serious danger and I am afraid we will go back to level 5 because people haven’t been complying even without alcohol so imagine what’s going to happen next? I wish there was a way to deal with this issue but I guess we must just all be responsible and cautious at all times.

I am not saying those who would be buying and selling alcohol are not responsible, however there have been those that were irresponsible even without it and we need to protect ourselves against such people.
Let us take care of ourselves, stay safe, sanitize yourself, your yard and your house and also maintain social distancing at all times.