Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Shopping complex overcrowded

06 May 2020
Makhuduthamaga, Sekhukhune
by Mmabore Mogashoa

I went to Jane Furse plaza today and like last month, the place was overcrowded. There were queues everywhere as people are doing their shopping. Most of the people had put on masks and some cloths just to be safe. The required distance is not maintained. People were going up and down and some walking in groups and laughing. Queues were on both sides of the road and parking on the other side of Jane Furse plaza. Elderly people were also there and what makes me happy is the fact that they have masks too. I saw a woman who was pushing a trolley she did not have power to push as it was full.

This might increase the risk of COVID-19 as people were next to each other just to go into the shopping centre. It was also full inside and queues at every shop that was open. Some of the people have finished shopping but to my surprise they were not going home but sitting even if taxis were available. I asked a young boy his age and he said that he is 14. Her mother brought him to help her carry groceries after shopping. At the gate the security told him that he is not allowed to go inside. This is a huge risk as children are supposed to stay at home. I have seen so many elderly people and I wish there can be away that can be used for them to be at home and safe. The date of grant for the elderly was on 4&5 May 2020 but because of overcrowding they were unable to get grant. That is why they were at the shops today. Some got grant money but were unable to do shopping.