Thokozile Mntambo
Snake park (Soweto)

On the 24th of April my brother had an epileptic seizure .This came as a shock to me and I was very scared because it was the first time he had experience this illness. This happened at 17h00pm in the evening, the first thing I did I called an ambulance. I was told that they are no ambulances available and they will call once there is one available. We waited and we tried to get help from neighbours.

But people were scared to give us a lift to the hospital because of the strict national lock down rules, they were afraid that they might get arrested. We just decided to wait until the ambulance arrived at 22h00pm, because we don’t have any street names we had to walk and fetch it at the police station. We waited almost 6 hours for the ambulance to arrive and fetch him late at night