Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Palm Springs in the Vaal
Rapule Moiloa

Many people have been socialising throughout the days of lock down and the more the easing of lock down the more people socialise and how l wish that people can be responsible to advise, to teach each other and help each other to think, I have realised that the youth in Palm Springs section H always meet in one of the parks that the community has established and these are Grade 12 people’s they meet to socialise, to share smokes, hubly bubbly pipe these are people who supposed to be at school as of next Monday the question is when they are socialising in these manner.

Where else they know that they are still part of many other people still on lock down, seeing that they fail to keep away from each other to be responsible regardless the presence of law enforcement will they be able to maintain social distancing when they go back school from next Monday