Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Stampede at the Complex

Palm Springs Vaal
Rapule Moiloa

These week is as much as month end with grant payments many people queued outside the gate of Palm Springs mall for Sassa grants payment to go to different shops, ATM’s and whatever reason that they may be at the mall for and I have realised that there is no law enforcement to maintain rules and regulations of the lockdown keep social distancing, to see to it that there’s no contact amongst the people, people pushed the gate and started running inside the mall and these stampede caused problems for the security of the mall because everyone went in running these action could increase the numbers of the virus if there are people who are already affected without knowing that they are.

Many of these people don’t have masks nor anything that to cover their faces with and the following is the video of people running without thinking about the stampede, not thinking of the current situation of the virus if they could be infected.