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Supporting Young Girls

Tintswalo Cherub
Mpumalanga Empumelelweni

I grew up in such a good family where my parents used to teach me that UBUNTU is very important…. Giving and helping, so on 26 April l had an idea of a small project…of  Help Me Help A Girl Child and I managed to help 60 girls especial the young ones between the age of 12 and 18 with pads during this lockdown since everything its expensive and some people they can’t afford… and special helping those who use to get Free pads from School and *churches and I’m glad that a lot of people managed to help me in this project and it was also helpful to those girls and I thought that No it will never be an once off thing, I can still help the girls in my community by saving enough money so that I can be able to donate every month…..I wish our leaders can see that we don’t only need condoms in clinics. As females we also need free pad in clinics and malls.