Susan Moraba

As the schools have opened for grade 7 and 12, some learner’s are going to school and some are not.
The grade 7 learner who was afraid of going back to school finally went to school on the 9th June and said that they are given 2 face masks every after 2 days, the old ones they burn them and are sanitized every time they enter the school gate and when entering the classroom. He said there are 3 classes for grade 7 and three teachers are teaching one subject in the classrooms so that they manage time and other subjects.
All teachers are at school and the only problem we have is that there is no feeding scheme’s as they said they are still negotiating on how they will do it without any challenges.
They have given them a consent form which parents must sign which stipulates that it’s parents responsibility to care for the child’s wellbeing which leaves a question as to if the child is sick or affected by the virus the department or the school will not be held responsible for the sickness of the child and also it leaves parents in the dark as to why they have led their children to school when it’s not safe.