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The Health system must adapt and learn from Good Systems and governance

23 June 2020
Jouberton/ Klerksdorp
Petrus Mohudi Mmoshe

It is really shocking and inhuman, Tsholofelo Clinic in Ext 11 in adjacent to Ext 10 and 11 in Jouberton. This is normally accepted the way the sick are treated. Day by day in a chilly weather the old, mothers and their babies who are poise to Corona Virus must go and queue in cold weather for treatment and medication.

They queuing from the moon till the next day.
I personally witnessed that and this need to be corrected speedily which I hope that is not only there, but applies everywhere for me the health system is sick instead is exacerbating this virus. They remain in cold weather which is scientifically proven might get virus to be infectious easier.

Outside the premises is a stampede, no social distance is adhered and accepted as norm. Besides that Klerksdorp and Jouberton is top on crime particularly for rape and high crime. This is indeed a double punishment for our people and solutions can be learn and adapted from other countries as Cuba.

Hence I recommend that the South African Health department locally and nationally must learn, recognise practice and implement National Health Insurance policy.
I recommend that mobile clinics must go around at all wards in Jouberton to provide services for elders and children at within they own jurisdiction and stop to outsource private services. Employ health care workers for good services and pay them well as they have put us in vicious cycle for debt because of Corona to serve life particular for blacks who can’t afford expensive clinics and health services. They shouldn’t compromise this is what we voted that to give service and delivery.

They need to change Economic System that belittle us and make us to suffer and die in dignity not like dogs. Stop making profit on health victims poise to this monster being created and sponsor the capitalists. I am vehemently angry and loudly to say that is enough is enough, I am just simple person who is move by love and concern on humanity that strive for the common good, solidarity, option of the poor and integrity of creation. I reiterate that other life of human centred and sacred life is possible. Amandla