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Ubank Covid19 measures are impressive

Kgokong Moraka

Kraalhoek village is found between two provinces the North West and Limpopo. Majority of us do groceries in Limpopo due to transport availability and the town is nearer.

There were claims of a Covid 19 infected person in Northam platinum mine. Fear started to spread across nearby communities including Kraalhoek.

The central place of all mineworkers is Northam were they transact, and maintain their bank accounts or exchanging money through deposits or withdrawals. It can also viewed as a place where cross infection can happen if correct measures are not taken into consideration.

I visited one of Ubank branches and found something interesting, the use of infrared thermometer for screening every single client’s temperature who gets into the bank. We know that Ubank services most of the mine workers, including foreign nationals. The spread can be easily detected and monitored through using the thermometer.

They also have a register where all clients, signs so that in case a person gets to be known at a later stage that they are infected, then tracing will be easily done by using the register. Nedbank seems to be doing the exact same method of screening that Ubank is doing. I wish all banks in these area can adapt as well. It is a safe measure to help communities around mining areas.