Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Water Crisis

18th June 2020
Ga-Kgwete, Moropana Section.
Fetakgomo tubatse municipality
Donald Mphethi

Since the start of the lockdown following the Covid-19, Moropana Section of Ga-Kgwete which is situated at the mountain foot, experienced a serious water shortage. Residents say that they have since been waiting for the water that was promised to them through Municipal water-trucks but there came not even a single drop of water.
They decided to call the Community Water Coordinator as well as the ward 15 Councillor of Fetakgomo-Tubatse so as to help provide some water during this difficult time.

These residents still go thirsty even after consulting the Municipality with regard to this issue and they risk their lives by going to the mountain Wells (water-caves) which subject them to high risk of injury in their attempts to pull out some litres of water. Children are most likely to be harmed by this poor method of water-fetching.

We are humbly asking the Municipality to help these dry village with water. A single truck of water per day can deliver a lot more drinkable water to the deserving people.