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Water problem in Sekhukhune

GaMogashoa village
By Mmabore Mogashoa
28 May 2020

My heart broke this morning when I heard someone pushing a wheelbarrow going to collect water at around 5h30 in the morning. Winter is starting and is cold but because of water scarcity people are forced to go and collect water even if there are pipes around the village to provide water. Children also go fetch water while their mothers are busy with daily house chores. Children are not safe as the tap where they collect water is used by everyone.

What if someone has Corona virus? Children are playing together during the day and this is a huge risk. Some people go to Semene River to wash their clothes and blankets because waiting for the water that is pumped to help them does not help. The other option is to buy water which does not last as 5 water tanks cost R150. We grew up with the same problem and our parents donating R2 each house but even now we are struggling.

With the pandemic instead of staying safe at home one needs to go out because water is needed, else we won’t bath or be able to wash our hands as the requirement to be safe during this time of COVID-19. Semene River’s water has reduced and now that winter is approaching one has to collect enough water which takes time to do washing