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We need greater COVID – 19 awareness in our community

Mmathapelo Thobejane
Ditwebeleng village

Is that time of the year in our culture when young boys and girls should been attending initiation school. The corona virus has affected our culture too and I’m just happy our chiefs respect the restrictions. And in my community and neighbourhood there is no initiation school this year.

The virus is real and it affects us all no matter black, white rich, poor Christian or none Christian. It shocks me how people in my community still do not believe that corona virus is real. I had chat with one mother yesterday about the Pandemic and she said there’s no such and she just hope the kids can returns to school soon because the government is wasting the children time. I asked her why can she says this while practically everything has put on hold, weddings, restrictions on funerals, church services, initiation school (Koma) and the worse part people are forced to wear mask even her she does wear mask. Why do all these things happening? She responded just all these is just a waste of time because she has never saw anyone who is positive of the virus.

I personally feel that the government and still need to educate people about the Pandemic Corona virus. People lack knowledge and sometimes i personally don’t blame them know the government did not do enough awareness about this pandemic.