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Whether legal or illegal we cannot deny COVID19 assistance to foreign nationals

Jouberton – Klerkdorp
18 June 2020
Petrus Moshe

The Corona Virus pandemics which struck the world has threatens the dignity and rights of others. Our foreign nationals have to suffer because of regulations of the lockdown.

My close friend hailing from Mozambique was dependent on selling goods to residents at extension one. He now suffers a lot. He didn’t have any food for his family particularly his wife and child of one year. He also pointed out that the time he wanted to search for food he couldn’t go due to the straight Covid19 regulations.

It was even worse to ask neighbours for food because the soldiers and police are everywhere observing unnecessary movement, because you have to be in possession of a permit. He phoned me and pleaded for food. Luckily I had some close local business contacts who assisted me to collect and give him food. I had a permit for any emergency. But the problem is I can’t do much. This has really distressed me. We set up a Covid 19 team to find groups who would offer help. I was relieved. This family now has food.

Sadly the government does not provide a grant for foreign nationals our fellow African sisters and brothers. My argument is that it does not matter if they r they came here illegal or otherwise. We cannot deny them a basic human right to food. Corona Virus Pandemics Corona has serious consequences for all of us.