Date: 06 June 2020
Limpopo province under Fetakgomo Fubatse local Municipality

We will never set down and do nothing. Today the Community of Sekutlong got water from Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality. The Residence were very happy because since the lockdown started they are having water often. Even we as Activists we really appreciate it because before the lockdown to drink water you were supposed to write letter to apply “your Rights” and after writing that letter it doesn’t mean you will have water. But now when you call them they just wake and come.

What worries us is one, what will happen after lockdown. Should we pray to have lockdown until so that we can access to water? Is very confusing, but I hope and believe together day we will fight until justice happen to our people. Our Government need to be pushed sometimes, but it need to push with resources. Sometimes its not like we are failing but without resources we can’t win the battle that they are playing as Government.