Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Sefikile village Moses Kotane Local Municipality 21-June-2020 Christinah Mogoby
It had become like a norm that we host sports tournaments and other youth activities annually to the benefit of youth but since lockdown our plans for this are now on hold. We normally ask for donations and request funds from the mine, government and other organisations to host these activities in order to empower youth and now it has put a strain on the active, committed and determined youth since it’s youth month.
It is now a problem and to my opinion the spread for Corona virus in our community is far from over. The cops are working day and night to ensure safety and to their shock, youth of Sefikile have been living and operating recklessly by disregarding and disobeying government’s Covid19 rules and they did this even before the president gave go-ahead of contact sports for training. They have been practicing and playing soccer openly despite government’s rules but earlier this month some of them were not so lucky.

On my way from church in the other section of my village I spotted them having their soccer matches in a field without fearing for their safety, their health and not considering the fact that this could land them in hot water. They were having their games there and suddenly when I looked back I saw two police bakkies chasing after them and it looked like they managed to bust some of them as I saw another police van coming from another direction with suspects inside.
My biggest worry is that how long we are going to live with reckless people like this and what do we do as the community to prevent this from happening again because the spread of this virus will keep on persisting and many lives are at risk.

Our community is so ignorant and I as an activist am complying but as long there people who are still not binding by government’s rules we are in danger. But I am glad that the president also mentioned that for contact sport training will be allowed only for modified activities with restricted use of facilities maybe in the next coming level there would be light.
As activists let us keep on advising and educating our communities about the risk involving our lives regarding this Covid19.
Story by Christinah Mogobye.