Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Monitors Report June 29th 2020

How COVID 19 has affected me

Vusi Mabaso (VEM)

COVID 19 has affected me in so many ways that is physically, mentally and spiritually. In the past years I used to do awareness in my community and nearby communities and help them by passing some information but now I am stuck in this prison called my home .I am not able to go even to the shop as I fear that the soldier’s and SAPS are harassing and killing innocent people in streets.

We were unfortunately enough in our family as in the beginning of level 5 we lost a family member.  The SAPS and soldiers were like working at home as they count people who came to comfort us and chased away if they exceed the number. During the funeral day it was like war as people from the community came in numbers with the intention to fight the police so the family had to intervene to calm down the situation. It was so bad that the funeral became a story or something to play. This pandemic has caused so much trouble financially as I am not employed no one is working at home we feed ourselves with the family fruit and vegetables market

Community Interviews 25. 06. 2020

Mrs Yvonne Molapo (not real name) is the mother of three children of which only the father or husband is working as the tyre attended. To the first two children that are suffering from sinus and asthma it is always a burden over her shoulder to nurse her children during winter, but as the government announced the lockdown it brought relief to the children as they were not suffering a lot as the result that most mines and industries were not fully operational, But the fact that her husband the bread winner was also on lockdown without pay.

Life was very difficult for this family as their income comes from worn car tyres .But due to the fact that most cars were not operating and the husband could not risk his life by opening the service station it brought hunger to the family (no work no pay). ” As the lockdown continues and headed to May my asthmatic children started experiencing the asthma as people started worming themselves with coal stoves and mhawulas ” said Yvonne. “As for June its worse but my husband has started operating but all the money is used for medication and sprays “, She added that as a community they must work together with the government or local municipality as food parcels never reached them , their names are on the list but nothing happened .” If it was not for my brother we could have been dead of starvation ” added Yvonne with tears on her face .

Community interview. 26. 06. 2020

There are 3 personal aspects affected from Tom Skosana – Final year student- Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) eMalahleni campus

1.Academics schools were closed and he was never given an opportunity to study and further his studies due to the closure of schools. This also caused him to be brainwashed as they have spent almost 4 months at home and he have completely forgot his modules from the beginning of the year as there is no communication from school they are quiet and told to wait for level 2.They were promised gadgets and data to keep them studying but until today no one received those goods.

2. Daily life routine as a whole. He never experienced such a difficult time where everything would come to standstill and everything that matters is keeping a social distance, sanitizing hands and wearing a face masks. Their livelihoods are destroyed as they cannot be seen in groups or partaking in church services. They are not allowed to chill with friends or go to shopping malls anyhow. The regulations set by the government threaten them so much in a way that the SAPS and soldiers are everywhere guiding them to break any regulations and for them to be arrested. The community they live in is no longer the same and it will take time for this pandemic to pass

3. Sporting Codes. Sports were closed as a results of Covid-19 and could not train nor have tournaments both from universities and home. They cannot train or keep their bodies fit during this pandemic. They are used to jogging as a team and individual but now they are no longer entitled to that freedom of training.

Three problems that needs action

1. Mining (worker’s in mine and community)

2. Health care services

3. Food (home gardening)