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Booze Ban

Diepkloof Soweto
Rapule Moiloa

Alcohol maybe banned and people not allowed to buy but these does not affect everyone.

On Sunday it was announced that alcohol will be banned with immediate effect as of Sunday the 13th of July.

For many people these announcement was just blowing hot air because these announcement is not for everyone though it is for all people, regardless of liquor stores closed people still find a way to get alcohol and socialize.

Alcohol ban is meant to cut social life to curve the spread of the virus, someone said that no matter how long, how strict rules and regulations they become it does not matter because people will always make a plan to get alcohol and meet whenever they want, even if taverns are closed there will always be a way either to make a home brewed beer, punch and etc.

And alcohol is not the only thing that brings people together, street gambling like playing dice also contribute for people come together.