Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Business Activities during Covid-19

By: Kgothatso Huma
Thekwane, Rustenburg
Bojanala District

During this Lockdown, our community has been hit hard when it comes to the Business Sector.

There’s a company called EC Blaauw which is been awarded a contract to rehabilitate the Sibanye Tailings. As we know that the Tailings have Heavy Metals which are very dangerous to the Human Health, effective in Soil Pollution and Air Pollution.

Our community is faced with a Malfunctioning Problem by the Leadership, there have been engagements going on with EC Blaauw and a committee called ONLEF (Operation and Leadership Engagement Forum) has been formed. These sitting’s have coursed a conflict, whereby communities where not informed of such.

Other bodies have taken advantage of the situation, writing letters opposing the current situation but without the Acknowledgement of the Community again. We as the Community are aware that certain Groups of People are gunning for the Company with a motive of Self Enrichment because TRANSPARENCY is A Big Issue.

Even now, due to the Covid-19 Regulations the community cannot meet and discuss this issues because RBA has cancelled all the Lekgotla Gatherings, fair enough. The Youth has opened a WhatsApp Group as an Alternative for Communication because without it, we would still be in the dark as always.

Job Opportunities and Business Opportunities are the main concerns.