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City of Matlosana hit by covid-19

9 July 2020
David Gaanakgomo

Klerksdorp falls under the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District municipality and just like other places is hit by covid-19.According to the media statement released by the city of Matlosana some of the department’s had to be closed to conduct cleansing/deep sanitation department offices. It has employees who are over the age of sixty years old and they are the ones whom the novel attacked first then infected the others.

As a result of being quarantined for fourteen days and undergo the testing routine there are no replacement. Klerksdorp central business district had no one else to collect garbage and the city streets are full of dirt. The tenants took out the garbage in the streets and the homeless people opened that looking for, among others, food and warm clothes. As they open the garbage disposal they tear down the bags and wind blows it in the streets, thus leaving the dirt lying around. It even make it impossible for the people to walk on the pavement as now they have to share that space with the hawkers and the garbage. If only everyone was following the instructions all these mess would not have happened. Firstly the Matlosana Municipal council would have let the over sixty year’s old employees stay at home. The municipal health and safety representatives would do their work for not letting workers to report on duty not wearing proper protective clothing. The least they could do is to wear masks and keep social distancing.
Now the city is dirty, some workers are admitted in different health facilities and worse others are buried. If the governing sectors would practice what they preach, these would not have happened. It is the time that the leaders lead by example