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Clinics don’t work weekends

12 July 2020
Mfidikoe village
By Velile Khoza

The government resources being closed on weekends an open on weekdays

For the past years of seventies and eighties this village was never being taken care by those corporates who were operating in those years.

It was early nineties after South Africans saw themselves voting, it was when we saw Anglo American donate a clinic to the community of Mfidikoe out of their social labour plan. It was our brothers who challenged Anglo American to do something since well the community didn’t have a health facility like clinic.

Today this clinic is under the department of health a government institute that is advocating health of the country, and guess what this clinic had never worked seven days a week it works five days a week while South Africa is facing the pandemic which is C-19.

My concern is north west is the epicentre of C-19 since mining industry started operating we even saw on ENCAJ news one of the Sibanye Stillwater’s shaft that is plus minus seven km from the village was closed due COVID-19 and the most of its employees are backyard room renters here in Mfidikoe now you find the clinic being closed on weekends an what if someone’s temperature goes high with infections from corona where will help come from while the clinic is closed?

An as the community member an activist of this village, I think the department of health should be notified about how the clinic operates.