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Councillors and youth at loggerhead during lockdown

9 July 2020
Klerksdorp, Tigane
David Gaanakgomo

Among the level three regulations is that there should not be gatherings, the projects should go on to work. The projects of fixing roads are busy as the North West Province roads are a disaster and full of potholes. Among the roads which needs a serious revamp is the main one which connects Delareyville, Ottosdal and Hartbeesfontein as it leads to Klerksdorp, and is frequently used for health transferring of the patients to the Klerksdorp hospital. The contractors are appointed and frame time given, and they need to employ workers at Tigane as an agreement stipulated. Since Councillor Paki Mqikela of ward one was removed as a councillor because of his court case of statuary rape, Councillor Piet Moeng of ward two has to do the hiring with his ward committee.
He promised to employ the people on the 7th of July. When people arrived at the agreed place for employment he said that he cannot employ because of lockdown regulations whilst he and former councillor Mqikela had their own lists of people who they employed. It annoyed the youth and a conflict led to the police being called and rubber bullets were shot.

The community representatives were elected to meet with the councillors and ward committee, intervened by the police. Among the community demands was that all people who were employed by Councillor Piet Moeng and former councillor Mqikela be removed and proper channels be followed. The other demand, which was the main one, was that former councillor Mqikela be removed from the whole process as he is no longer a councillor and he impregnated a minor.

As they were awaiting for the outcome of the meeting, instead they received the disturbing news. All those who were present in the meeting were asked to undergo a covid-19 test as the main police officer who was leading the meeting was confirmed covid-19 positive and the Hartbeesfontein police station is closed.