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Billian Matambo, ZIDAWU

In between a pandemic and the future there is a choice. A choice of adopting best ways the world can use to reduce emissions. If we are managing the reduction of gas emissions now, its a clear sign that the word impossible can be eliminated in the vocabulary regarding fighting global warming.
A call by ZIDAWU for a virtual WhatsApp dialogue on 26 June 2020 outlines the good things that are happening environmentally. As shared by Mr Byron Zamasiya of Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) that emissions are destroying the Ozone layer. He reciprocates the ozone layer to God’s blanket which he said protect the earth from excessive heat. He elaborated that when the blanket is destroyed or torn apart by gas emissions caused by humans on earth, the blanket lets in excessive heat and the heat is responsible for causing climate change. That was his simpler version for climate change and was well understood by the audience. However, he said the government in order to cater for the reduction of emissions it introduced carbon tax for everyone who purchase fuel and the funds are channelled through EMA.
‘The Covid-19 lockdown is a blessing in disguise when we look at climate change’, said Mr Zamasiya ,’ because of the lockdown gas emissions have been reduced’. The closure of industries, grounding of aeroplanes, reduced noise pollution etc helps a lot in saving our mother earth. While closed sports fields, parks and nature reserves were rejuvenated and it gives our environment a rebirth. Its now high time for governments to ensure continued reduction of gas emissions . We managed to do this good deed unwillingly and yes with a little push from the pandemic hence its now high time we implement and enforce gas emissions reduction measures willingly and as a choice that will save our planet from cyclones, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and droughts. Global warming is real.