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Foreign Nationals during Covid-19

5 June 2020

Klerksdorp, Tigane

David Gaanakgomo

I just met a number of men who are mineworkers at Vaal Reefs. They are Mozambique and have not been paid UIF benefits. So these people have not received any income for 3 months! The reason cited is that they are not in possession of South African ID documents, yet they have been contributing to the same fund. Nothing leaves one so hurt than to see grown, responsible men so desperate.

The union’s they belong to don’t have answers nor solutions, except promises as days turn into months. The group of five I met stay in one complex of rented rooms. Their eviction is eminent. They also cannot travel home because the borders are locked down. There are thousands others or course country wide.
One would think union’s will step in to provide mere food parcels in such situations. The councillor promised to send food and intervene but never came back.

Could not take photos as per agreement