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New development in Phoane community.

Phoane community
Buti Botopela
The community of Phoane lived for years without basic human needs such as water, electricity and proper road etc. We are happy as activists in the ground to see our work making impact in the community we monitoring.
Phoane is an informal settlement located in Kroondal – Rustenburg established by mine workers, the Basotho tribe over 60 years ago. This are the workers who opted for living allowance instead of hostel accommodation.
The community lived in the dark and empty promises for years. The water installation project just started on 2nd of June 2020 after a blockage of road with burning tyres and by far they have installed the main water pipelines across the community and still haven’t completed to date. The community of Phoane has won the RAF to be developed on the 11th May 2020.
We are happy as activists to see the mine and municipality come together to develop the community of Phoane as all the challenges faced by the community was addressed in meeting by the youth and activists in Ikemeleng and the memorandum was written at the end of the meeting and delivered to local councillor and director of infrastructure development.
About 12 street taps main connector installed successfully and the project still ongoing well.
We Urge the RLM, mine and councillor to come forward openly and engage with the community at large in terms of any community development project.