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No safety precautions at Mahwelereng shopping complex,

17 July 2020
Mahwelereng Shopping Complex
Limpopo province
By Mpho Tjale

Safety precautionary measures not taken into consideration at Mahwelereng shopping complex, people were at the long queue to receive their social relief grant at the Post Office, beneficiaries of the social relief grant were not observing social distance and the complex on its own was fully packed but they all had their masks on and what got me worried was that there was no official from the post office or security personnel to ensure that beneficiaries of social relief grant adhere to the regulation.

The long queue gave a clear indication on how people’s lives are impacted by lockdown and this also clearly how unemployment is impacting masses of the people in South Africa young and old as they are.

With the massive increase on positive cases of Covid-19 a different mechanism need to be applied to minimize the increase especially during the day or police officials be deployed to the stations/Post Offices to ensure people adhere to all regulations of lockdown.