Tunatazama - Community Monitors

No social distancing at Post office in Moroke

25th June 2020
Sekhukhune district Fetakgomu Tubatse municipality
Donald Mphethi

On the day of 25 June 2020 I went to Moroke Post Office at Ga Mphaka and came across a crowd of people gathering at the Post office. There was definitely no social distancing amongst them. People were not in their masks and policemen were just roaming as if things are normal.

The situation in itself is a risk centre for the entire neighbouring villages that gathered there for help. The people were just embracing each other without proper sanitising. There was a number of those who queued there since yesterday and there is no marshal of post office worker who walks through the line to facilitate the fastening of the process.

This system is not a solution to the problem we have but rather increasing the numbers every day. All these people who gathered here represents a single family each of them, should each of the contact corona therefore we have hundreds of thousands of people likely to die.

I suggest that people must be given Sassa temporary cards to receive their grants on ATMs were there are good safety practices and controllable queue. Sms’s must be sent to each beneficiary to come and collect their money to avoid congested lines.