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Provincial Hospital in Tshepong Jourberton is in COVID19 crisis

17 July 2020
Petrus Moshe

The Tshepong Hospital is in Klerksdorp situated in Jouberton. It was recently rated as the best for curing T.B of brains. However, the present monster, Dilemma intend to clean away that good reputation.

On the 07th July 2020 the hospital was recorded to have infected seven people.
This is indeed shocking and worrying factor. The institution which need to rescue patients is facing health hazard. When, I ask why? The problems is being exacerbated by people who are not adhering to Covid 19 requirements. It was a long queue, and no social distance. Mostly people are not washing hands, one of my informant replied. I really agree on this as well people need to follow protocol.

The Intensive Care was closed, people were told to be quarantine at home. Thus why other systems need to be checked as well not only behavioural. Thus, recommend some case an audit is important not only on behavioural, but systems, and structural.
I recommend that we recommend that North West Minister to do an Audit for both Tshepong and Klerksdorp what had happened, but recommend ombudsman of Health so that may not be a trend to other hospitals, and other remedial solutions to crises.