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The sadness of COVID10 when you see the sign “Visits Prohibited “

Empumelelweni Emalahleni
Thembisile Mbethe

It was very sad to hear some guy talking about how painful is to be disallowed to visit your loved ones that are being hospitalized during this Covid19 period, he said as you approach the hospital gate you will be greeted by the big board written with big & bold font saying “VISITS PROHIBITED” on the hospital entrance. He said he was hospitalized for 2 weeks without any visits and that broke his soul because being hospitalized you always need your family and friends’ support to be strong and hopeful during sickness. He was admitted and isolated in the closed door ward with the note stated “admission reserved” on the door.

 The doctor told him that he will be in there until the results are back as the doctor was taking samples to do tests on Covid19 and when the results show that he’s positive on Covid19 they will quarantine him but if the results came back negative then they will discharge him also if his health is stable because he was admitted for lungs problem. For him to be isolated and the doctors & nurses gear made him feel inhumane and unwanted whereby even when they were bringing food for him they’ll just open the door and push in the food trolley towards him then shout “here’s your food” and closed the door again it is very painful he said that with a frowny face. He also made clear that the situation made him to take the word prohibited and its meaning in a very serious way than before.