21 July 2020
Mfidikoe village
By Velile Khoza

The community of mfidikoe is a community that have history in mining not to mention the four companies who mined at early seventies eighties an nineties who are JIC implants Anglo American now it’s Sibanye stillwaters this community had never reaped benefits from mining giants.

The community gathered with passion to solve the propaganda of uneven sharing of benefits an consulted with one of mining giants an what the mining giant reveals was a list of shareholders an business forums and guess what one of Royal Bafokeng executive is a shareholder of Madibana’s shares Papi Rangwaga and the person who is busy looting the community beneficiation is a right hand man of Bafokeng Kgosi or regent to 29 land buyers trust.

We even found out that the Madibana headman is the one who signs and gives permission to mining giants to liaise with his accomplices in looting and defrauding the forgotten community of Mfidikoe village just outside of Rustenburg.

This group of looters are being accompanied by Rustenburg municipal executives who claims to have a mining department in their building but the communities doesn’t know about it.

Since well mining took plus minus 80 of this community livelihood, culture farming land an pumping toxics into our environment, this community should’ve been one of well-developed communities in mining with one of the best infrastructures including best of the best math’s and science academy together with one of top skills development academy, now since well we knew that this companies have gatekeepers who are the community members before they became tenderpreneurs they use them to gate keep the community not to seek what’s rightful