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Water problem won’t be solved quickly at Makhuduthamaga, GaMogashoa

27 June 2020
Ga-Mogashoa, Sekhukhune
By Mmabore Mogashoa

People of GaMogashoa, phase4, Mashengwaneng and Mabonyane villages have hope as there were people working in the village for a water project. The project started in 2019 and was showing progress but after few months of working it stopped as a result of COVID19. Now work had stopped again, it looks like the sub-contractors are not happy with the contractor and meetings had to be held to sort out their issues .There was also an announcement that two dams will be built at Mogashoa Ditlhakaneng and Mogashoa Manamane villages.

 The villages has been experiencing water shortages and some of the old boreholes are not working anymore as pumps are damaged and not repaired. Some of the villagers still push wheelbarrows to go fetch water even in this pandemic. It is the fourth week that villages did not get water as a result of not finding the right pipes from the suppliers. We hope that when the project is done people will get enough water so that they could make gardens and use water without buying or to walk long distance. Semene River is far.