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Another municipal facility is gone.

Joe Mashilo
Jouberton, Klerksdorp

Infrastructure Facilities are disappearing at the hands of the ANC led municipal council, at first, it was a tourist resort, and now it’s a stadium with a hall next to ext. 9 in Jouberton. The two infrastructure projects were complete with the roof on top, but now the roofs are gone, worse part of it, the building of the resort has collapsed, this resort was up and running before 1994, the building was left unattended if not abandoned by the Matlosana municipality.

 Another multimillion infrastructure project has failed, in 2012 a tender was awarded to build a stadium, a fence was put, and a building was erected with a roof on top, but now, it’s a same story as the resort. This buildings are Collapsing at the hands of municipality, the failed stadium is purely a result of corruption, what is sad is, nobody is being held accountable for the collapse of this municipal properties.